Monday, July 20, 2015

Best Big Sis

Being an only child, I had no idea what to expect with the sibling bond between Bimmer and Healey. I was just hopeful that it would be there from the beginning. I was hopeful through my pregnancy since Bimmer was so excited about being a big sister. She would tell anyone and everyone about it and then insisted on getting matching t-shirts for big sister/little sister with zebra print on them.
Even though Bimmer seemed psyched to help get everything ready for the baby, I definitely worried that the minute Healey arrived, her mood would shift.
But it didn't.
And it hasn't since.
It's an ever evolving situation, the whole having two children. There are days Bimmer gets enough attention from both parents, and there are days that Healey demands a little bit more of us, and we are emotionally spent, and Bimmer acts out. But in all, Bimmer is so excited every day to come home from school and see her little sister. She asks sweetly, all the time, if she can touch the baby. She likes to rub the baby's head, kiss her feet, and if she is crying, she tries to sing to her or give her toys or cover her with a blanket.
It is my greatest hope that these two girls grow up to love one another and be the best of friends. I never had any siblings, and Puff's brother is 9 years older than he is, so there will be a learning curve for us to see the dynamic between our two girls. I hope Healey constantly feels the love of her big sister, and that Bimmer is always the protector and looks after her. I never thought I would love being the mom of two daughters so much, but there is nothing that could make me happier. I hope my relationship with both girls continues to blossom and grow and that I can be the mother to them that I always dreamed of being.

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