Sunday, August 2, 2015

Make It Work

Puff and I are currently living a serious Tim Gunn moment at The Bungalow.
I knew going into this second pregnancy that the house would be too little for us. I tried my hardest to not let it bother me or worry me during my pregnancy. In fact, I had several friends tell me they were super proud (and surprised) that I wasn't having more anxiety about the lack of plan on what was going to happen once we brought Healey home from the hospital.
It hurts my heart a little bit that Healey doesn't have a nursery. It's totally selfish, since she won't know the difference, but it sucked to not be able to decorate a room for her before her arrival. I'll get over it. Hopefully within the next year, we will either be moved to a new house, or have an addition on The Bungalow and I can finally make a room suitable for my Princess!!!
So... in the meantime... how is it working around here???
Bimmer's armchair is in the fireplace (don't worry, it's just decorative) and our living room coffee table is now the permanent home to a Boppy, receiving blanket, burp cloth, and pacifier.
Did you know we have a Cozy Coupe that lives in our dining room? As in, that's where it "belongs" when I tell Bimmer to put it away. It's lived there for almost 2 years now. I can't blame Healey for that one.
We had to rearrange our kitchen cabinets to accommodate room for formula and bottles. The top of our fridge is completely full. Do you realize that prior to having children, we had NOTHING on top of our fridge? Why do kids come with so much stuff? Oh yeah, and if I ever need a serving bowl for any reason, they are now in a bin in my attic.
I am changing diapers on our spare dining table in the office. Diapers, spare pajamas, plastic bags all live in a basket. The baby's dirty clothes? They go in a tote bag I have hanging on my closet door. In the office. Because my clothes are in the office closet. Healey's clean clothes? They're in a dresser in Bimmer's room. Hence me having a spare change of clothes in the office, just in case there's a middle of the night incident.
And our master bedroom? The bassinet is blocking half our dresser. A burp cloth and pacifier live in the bed now too.
Don't even get me stressed about where we are going to store her baby bath seat once she starts using that. Which will be soon.
And people wonder why we don't keep extra clutter and make frequent trips to Goodwill. I don't even know how I am functioning with this situation, but I am. I guess it's true that they say people are adaptable and can "make it work!"
Here's hoping though, that we won't have to live this way too much longer!
Update: Since I wrote this entry a few weeks back, I have actually gone and looked at two houses for sale in our neighborhood. Real estate prices are incredibly ridiculous around here, and houses stay on the market for only a few days sometimes. The homes were about 1800-2000 square feet, both with a bonus room and second bathroom - making them seem better than The Bungalow on paper. Except one needed a bunch of work (new carpet, new counters, new bathtub) and there was actually less storage than our current home. The other just felt awkward, and didn't have central AC on the full second floor. For $200k MORE than what our current mortgage is, definitely not worth the move. But it gave me a good idea of what is out there. We've made the decision to look for another two months or so before interviewing contractors!

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