Friday, October 3, 2014

Selling the Bungalow?

A few months ago, Puff and I fell in love with a house we saw for sale on one of our favorite streets in town.
Listed at $319,000 it sounds insanely pricey for what it is (a 4 bedroom/2 bath house) however, our neighborhood is (to put it mildly) overpriced. So getting into a street where houses routinely go for $400-$600k at that price seemed too good to be true. In fact, at first, it was. The house was under contract. We moped about it for awhile. Then, a week or so later, I randomly noticed it was back on the MLS. I drove past. The "under contract" sign was down. We called our real estate agent (our old neighbor) and we had a showing that night.

It was nice. But just that... nice. The upstairs bedrooms had the roof slant going on (which doesn't bother me) but they had placed the closets very strangely, and so the two upstairs bedrooms basically had zero storage space. And no attic storage space at all. I wasn't about to drop over $300,000 on a house with less storage than The Bungalow. Just didn't really make much sense.
But the showing got our wheels turning.
And just like that, we decided we needed to get The Bungalow ready to sell. Which meant updating a few things...

So we dropped a pretty penny that we had been waiting to do once I got my bonus and finished painting the rest of the gold walls in the house (wrapping up our master bedroom, office, and laundry) and a few miscellaneous things, like that closet and our medicine cabinet.

It also gave me an excuse to attempt a bit of a gallery wall in our office.
You have no idea how badly this hurt my OCD to figure this out.
One of them is just a smidge off, but it's barely noticeable at most angles, so I've tried to let it go.
Right... so now that The Bungalow is at least painted, what now???
Well, nothing. School has since started and there haven't been any new houses in our neighborhood put up for sale that meet our bed/bath/size/price criteria. We have the agent looking and she has given us an estimate on what she thinks we should sell our house for. We aren't in the mood to move for the sake of moving - which means we won't be selling our house without having another house ready for us to move into. Which means that if the perfect house comes available, we are going to have to stage/list/contract our house ASAP in order to even be able to be considered for another contract on another house. The sun/moon/alien spacecraft will all have to align perfectly.
And since stuff then got us bogged down with the FIL being ill and travel and work obligations, the longer we sit on the idea, the more we are back to wanting to just add on to our own house. I figure a final decision will be made in the spring. But for now, we are enjoying the new colors and I'm enjoying being able to start thinking about my next interior design projects... either recovering the chair in our living room or making over Bimmer's room to a big girl room.
Lots to come in the next year, hopefully. Right after we make up our minds about a second baby. Amongst other things.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the decision about a 2nd baby will be made after you baby!?! It works for most people! lol