Tuesday, June 3, 2014

24 Month Update

::insert sad face:: An entire year of updates has come and gone just like that!

* Bimmer is talking up a storm. She is putting together little sentences, like "No like that pillow, Mommy" or "No match me, Mommy" when I gave her bows to pick out to wear with an outfit. Ah yes, she has a sense of style now too, apparently. I probably have mentioned before, but she has such a southern accent on some words... in particular milk, help, and hill. They all come out about 4 syllables.
* Some of my favorite words she says are those that aren't quite right. She says "budder-byes" for "butterfly" and "near-uhl" for "cereal." There's "jaffe" for "giraffe" and "effant" for "elephant." She says "mingo" for "flamingo" and "doffin" for "dolphin." Oh, and "opp-us" for octopus. And yes, while she can say "bird" or "birdie" I am hanging on to her saying "bobo" for as long as possible.

* Her sleep situation is getting a little wonky. She is no longer wanting to take a bottle and then fall immediately to sleep. (More on the bottle in a minute.) Instead, she gets a quick burst of energy and wants to play around and procrastinate going to bed, even though I know she is exhausted. She will still sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and need me to rub her back to get her back to sleep. On the weekends, if we are out and about doing anything, her naps are all sort of non-existent. If she falls asleep in the car, good luck getting her to go back to sleep once you get her out at the house. It seems if she cat naps for even 15 minutes in the car, that holds her over enough. Yet, she still naps for 2 hours at school each day. She's too little to give up on naps. I need her to take them until she is old enough to be completely self-sufficient.
* With regard to the bottle, we are aiming for June to be the month we get rid of it. She is down to only taking it at night (and has been that way for quite awhile now) but we wanted to get through our vacation with being able to get some sleep (yes, selfish of us, I know) before we tackled that. It will happen.
* Recently, she has started to like to tickle and rubs her little fingers on us while giggling and saying "tickle, tickle, tickle." She also like to walk like a penguin and says "waddle, waddle, waddle" when she does. When she leaves the room, she will say "right back" and give me the "right back finger" as we like to call it.
* We have been pretty slack on the potty training effort, so we are going to start ramping that up a little bit more this summer. Just offering her to try more than we do now (which is super infrequent). I am hopeful that in a few months she will be getting there. And then we can think about if we want to do a drastic weekend-without-a-diaper trial or not.
* She is doing much better on colors and counting. She can count to eleven, but still skips 8 sometimes. Whenever she wants to count down, instead of doing "1,2,3" and then, say, jumping, she will always do something like, "4,5,6!" She knows lots of animals that I never thought a 2 year old would know... like shark, otter, lobster and crab. She is getting better at telling us when she is tired and wants to sleep.
* She has a Tigger toothbrush, so everytime she wants to brush her teeth, she calls it "Tiger teeth."
* She has been singing a lot lately. One night (when she should have been going to sleep) she was singing a pretty awesome mash up of Old McDonald (which goes "McDonald, cow, moo here, moo moo, e, i, o") with "Jingles bells" and "Jesus loves Dee Dee." She's all kinds of awesome.

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