Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Iron Anniversary

This weekend marks the SIXTH anniversary of my first date with Puff.
Which we consider the SIXTH anniversary of us being together. Yup... we were pretty inseparable after our first date. He just couldn't resist me :)
It feels like a long time, but at the same time, it doesn't. We just are always so busy and so on the go and making so many memories for ourselves, and now our daughter, that I can't even place a finger on when it went from one year to six.
So what's the key?
Ha... I knew you'd ask eventually.
No, for real... I knew you wouldn't. There is no key. Or maybe there is?
Right... back on track, Gail....
We've been through a lot. Not every second of every day is easy. In fact, they're infinitely harder now that we have a child together. That doesn't make our relationship less enjoyable (unless you count lack of sex... then it's less enjoyable) just enjoyable in a different way. It's that next season of our lives. And I would have chosen no better man to go through it with than Puff. We are definitely a match made for one another.
So what has been my favorite part of the past 6 years? Well, that's easy... he gave me Bimmer.
But outside of that, I just have so many awesome memories of us taking trips in the convertible to the mountains....
Bald Rock, near Caesar's Head, SC
And our best trip so far was the one we took to Ireland. I cannot wait until we are able to take our next big adventure.
Dublin, Ireland
We don't always find the time to spend one-on-one with each other anymore, but we're trying. We are pretty adamant about once a month dates, which are probably not enough, but without family in town, that's what we can get. And it's OK. We are chugging along and making plans for the future. And if we weren't happy with today, the future wouldn't be on our radar.
I'm glad it is.
I love you, Puff. Happy six years together! I can't wait for another six more.
(Mainly because that will mean we've been married for 10 years and we get to go to New Zealand. But I'm sure you already knew that was my motive!)

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