Friday, June 6, 2014

Birthday Postings

Bimmer is officially TWO!!!! In fact, she "graduates" up to the 2K class at school next week. Pardon me while I go turn into a giant lump of sadness in the corner for just a sec.
Bimmer with her early birthday gift from Mamaw & Papaw
Her birthday was on a Saturday this year, but Puff and I wanted to make sure she got to celebrate with her classmates at school as well. So both of us took off work early and showed up to her class with some birthday cupcakes to share for their afternoon snack!
Is it just me, or is Puff looking extra sexy in this photo?
On the day of her actual birthday, we went to a British car show at Furman University, since that's what every two year old girl wants to do on her birthday!
It worked out, because they have a beautiful campus and this picture loving mama was able to take her 2 year old photos with her blocks there. (Stay tuned for that post with photos.)
For her gifts, Mommy and Daddy got her a table & chairs from Ikea, a doll stroller, a train set, some Elmo flash cards, a bubble blower, and a pillowcase with her monogram for her big girl bed. And a Minnie Mouse balloon. For about two weeks leading up to her birthday, if you asked her how old she was going to be, she just would say "Minnie Mouse Birthday!" And then sometimes start singing happy birthday to herself.
For her birthday dinner, we had pizza on our deck and then the special fancy cupcakes I had gotten from a local bakery. The girl even knew to blow out her candles and did it in just two quick puffs! It's so hard to believe that she is such a growing girl. I love this age, minus the occasional tantrums and the regression to biting kids in her class at school, but otherwise, I just want to bottle her and keep her this size forever.
Happy birthday, Bimmer! Mommy loves you!

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