Friday, May 30, 2014

I Love Being a Mom

Happy Mother's Day!
We actually were flying out to Florida on Mother's Day, so any and all activities had to take place early. The only thing I really wanted to do was to have hibachi. I'm not pregnant, but daaaaaamn was this mama craving some of that goodness!
We walked to a little local bakery for some homemade bagels and muffins for breakfast. Bimmer even brought along a baby of her own, since she's such a good little mama to her dolls.
Puff got me two cards (one super sappy, the other inappropriate) and then also got one from Bimmer as well. My gifts included a blouse from J.Crew, a t-shirt that Bimmer will probably never be able to wear (see pic below) and a lovely necklace that he had custom-made on Etsy with Bimmer's name on one charm, her birthday on another, and her birthstone on another. (And a late-comer after we got back from FL of some adorable seersucker pj pants that were embroidered with my monogram.)
(It reads "I'm the reason my mommy is now a MILF"
While it wasn't a crazy planned out day, I figure the rest of our lives are that way. And just getting to spend quality time with my growing baby girl was all I really needed for Mother's Day. Although, I may try to plan something much more elaborate for next year, now that I know what Puff wants to do for Father's Day!

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