Monday, June 16, 2014

Ride the Rapids

As I mentioned HERE, back in January my team won for department of the year for our local company. Then, a few weeks later, we actually won team of the year for our national company. Props to all the awesome women I work with!!! It helps that we honestly enjoy coming to work every day. (Ya know, for as much as you can honestly love that sort of thing.) So, our local company decided to give us the opportunity to celebrate. We were presented with a few options... everything from amusement parks to days of pampering to driving courses. We took an anonymous vote and the winner?


Some of the girls were skeptical, but I was pumped. Especially when I saw ziplining! (No, it wasn't nearly as cool as the one we did in Haiti or the one I did in St. Lucia, but hey, a day out of the office to zipline? Who can complain about that?)


I wanted to do as much as possible, while most of them were more content to take breaks to have a beer. Nope... I wanted my helmet and my harness! (It helps that I don't drink beer!) I did their Mega-Zip twice and then tried the Mega-Jump. I will fully admit, taking a step off the top of a high platform was one of the scariest and strangest feelings I have ever had! Although after that first step, the rest was super anti-climactic. I'm glad we hadn't had to wait in line for that one!

The hardest thing I did that day was one of the ropes courses. We did the Canyon Crossing, which was supposed to be one of the easier ones. Um.... sure.

That's my work BFF, J-Really

I was happy I had a good friend of mine in front of me, and one behind me, because we were all awesome cheerleaders to one another. It ended in a short zipline, which was great because it was a nice little bit of freedom and relaxation after the mind-fuck I just experienced from a swinging rope bridge that felt a gazillion feet off the ground! We also rewarded ourselves with the quick canyon zip. You only have to be 45 pounds for that one, so I wonder how soon is too soon to take Bimmer? Hmmmm.... hopefully that girl is fearless!

After lunch, a few of us tried stand-up paddle boarding. It was not my thing. With that being said, I did totally fine in the standing up and not falling in part. But that's the thing... I have this weird phobia of river and lake water. And I didn't want to fall over into the river! Once I figured out how to turn and got back to shore, the guide said that I had "perfect form." Yeah, just not the perfect mental capacity. Instead, I stood on the dock and watched my friend repeatedly fall on her ass and eventually into the water.


The big she-bang at the end of the day was rafting. I opted for the "Family" rafting, since I had never been before. I knew it was a controlled environment, but no part of me wanted to end up OUT of the boat. We went through the family rapids twice and they were fine... the guide kept intentionally doing things to get us stuck in certain places and get us soaked. Then he talked us into the adventure side, and it was a lot quicker and a lot more fun! Who knew?!?! I wanted to go one more time, but the rest of the girls had had enough. Oh well... I guess I'll just now have to buck up and agree to let Puff take me on a real rafting trip on a real river.

Although... ick... real river water? Gross!

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