Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Tunes Tuesday

To steal from Dooce (HERE) I'm going to totally rock a "New Tunes Tuesday" for you.
Back in 2000 or 2001, my best friend and I hit up a Nickelback concert. Yes, Nickelback. Despite all the haters out there, they are a guilty pleasure. Plus, Chad Kroger is totally sexy in his "I'm still kinda ugly, but have a nice package" way. Right... so this post isn't about Nickelback, it's about their opening band... Default.
At the time, they had one hit song, "Wasting My Time" which got a ton of airplay. I liked the song, so I was intrigued to see them perform live. I'm pretty sure the moment Dallas (their adorable lead singer) hit the stage, I was totally hooked. It's only happened once... seeing a new band and falling instantly in love with them. And it happened with Default.

The minute we left the concert that night, we drove straight to the store and bought their first CD, "The Fallout". I played it non-stop for days on end, learning all the words to the songs and debating my favorites. As the years passed, subsequent CDs came out and I rushed to buy them. Unlike most bands, their albums were cohesive and interesting and just flat out, good! There's not one song on any of their first 3 albums I disliked. (I'm pretty sure there's only one other band I can say that for... but maybe I'll feature them another day!)
So, after their 2005 album, they kinda dropped off the face of the planet. It wasn't until the fall of last year 2010 (yes, so I know this music isn't exaclty BRAND NEW, but I'm sure it is to most of you, so there!) their 4th album, "Comes and Goes" came out. (I'd say it "dropped" but that term makes Puff violent!) And wouldn't you know? It picked up brilliantly where their last album ended.
I think my favorite song from the new album is "Caught In The Moment." All time fave? Probably "Faded" from the first album. But make up your own mind and visit their website (HERE) to learn a little bit more about them.
As my dad always said, "Expand your musical horizons!"

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