Friday, August 5, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

This is what rural Michigan looks like.
::banging head against desk::
When Puff and I went to visit his family last month, we saw this view, a thousand times over. I'm pretty sure the glazed over, befuddled look on my face was well apparent. How? What? Why?
Nevertheless, it is a pretty sight to see. It's made especially hilarious when your father-in-law takes you off-roading to stalk Amish people. That was a classic memory to hang onto.
However, I will not, never, ever move to someplace that looks like this. It was pretty for a 2 day visit. If I was forced to live there, they'd have to pay Puff and I well over a million dollars each per year. AND allow us to spend November through April in the Caribbean.
I really see no other logical reason to force this upon yourself...

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