Monday, August 22, 2011

Man Candy Monday

Disclaimer: Puff, I super promise I won't make this a weekly habit!
There's a lot of estrogen flowing around the office this week. (Just wait til this week's Flash Bulb!) So in an ill-advised attempt to separate myself from the pack of wolves, I thought I'd just get all gushy about my latest celebrity crush... Jake Gyllenhaal.
I will definitely admit that I am late to get on this bandwagon. I believe, prior to watching "Love and Other Drugs" while Puff was in Mexico on business recently, the only movie I had seen him in was "Brokeback Mountain." And while I do love that movie, it wasn't exactly a role where I could envision myself gyrating on him.
Now I'm plotting a Gyllenhaal-a-thon movie day for whenever Puff is otherwise engaged. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery on ones not to miss? Preferably ones where he takes his shirt off, please.

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