Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kiss My Apology

It appears as if it's come that time again. The time I give a half-assed apology to the readers of my blog for anything I may (or may not) have said or alluded to that pissed someone off. It's nothing new to me, obviously, to have people take me out of context. Some people dig way too deep into something just looking for a way to be offended.
Lighten up, people!
Pretty much, unless I call you out specifically, you have no way of knowing if something I write was directed at you. All I can say is that I am sorry if I upset you. (You know who you are!) However, this blog is my forum for my thoughts and opinions. If you've known me for more than two frickin' seconds, you know I'm very strong-willed and hard-headed. (Oh yeah, and opinionated!) Yes, I fully admit that most of the time, it's my way or the highway. Blame it on being an only child. Blame my mother for being the same way.
Those of you who are my true friends accept this little blip on my life resume and choose to see all the other good things about me. I appreciate your trust, loyalty, patience, and understanding.
So, the overall gist of this post is that if you're taking the time to read what I have to say, you need to be interested in what I have to say. Understand that we will not always agree. If we did, we'd be the same person. And let's face it, I'm totally cooler than you are anyway. (You know who you are!) A little controversy and pot-stirring is totally my schtick. Or, at least that's what some of you obviously think.
I've never been one to hide what I am feeling or thinking. I will not censor myself in my own, personal, blog for your convenience. Get your head out of the clouds and realize this blog is not about YOU. It's totally, 100%, about ME.

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