Monday, August 29, 2011

Man Candy Monday

Yes, I know. I told you I wouldn't make this a habit, but dude... when there are so many cuties out there in the universe, why NOT ogle man candy as much as humanly possible?!?! (But seriously... I do promise to stop for awhile after this one.)
So... if you are unaware, this is my love, Robbie Williams. (He's a singer. Look him up!) Ever since like 1998, I've been trying to get everyone on the bandwagon. The rest of the world is, but not the states. Oh well. That's fine, Yankees. I'll totally keep this man who "put the Brit in celebrity" all to myself thankyouverymuch. If everyone in the states knew how damn sexy he was, they'd not be able to resist him either.
This photo was actually poster-sized in every dorm room I ever had. He was gazing down on me and Kimhead from his perch high above the television sophomore year. What better vision to go to sleep staring at dreamingly? When I finally got a "big girl apartment" I couldn't retire him fully. No, he's carefully rolled up in a tube in Grandma's attic. Tape residue from years of love, well apparent. But that's OK. Maybe someday Puff will let me hang Robbie in our bedroom again.
Although I won't hold my breath.

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