Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To The Races

Growing up, my grandpa would take me to the race track on a fairly regular basis. We always placed the same bets on the same numbers, no matter the odds of that horse. Every time I think of horse racing, I think of him. Although, in South Carolina, gaming is illegal. So, the annual Carolina Cup is fun for a multitude of different reasons. Case in point... you get to see this:
Amazing, right?
This past Saturday, Puff and I drove to Camden to meet up with some of my college friends for a day at the track. The basic backstory of this entire event, from our prospective, is that it's an excuse to dress up, sit in a field and drink and eat ourselves silly, and catch up. And maybe, we'll see a horse. But we might not. We met up early to consolidate all our gear (and food) into the pick-up truck that would make its way to the in-field. I'm pretty sure I ate more that day than I had eaten all week.
But it was totally worth it. It kept my mind off it being so cold! Seriously... who told the weather gods it was OK to have temps in the low 50s that morning? Thankfully we packed sweaters and blankets! The highlight of the day was getting to catch up with everyone and spend more time with the new husbands of the group. We tried on silly hats and stalked frat boys with outrageous plaid pants. We took tons of ridiculous photos and escaped having our tent flying away in the wind. Oh yeah, and we did see some horses!
I'll give you a gold star if you can guess which one is me! Ha!

Chilly weather aside, there was no better way to spend a Saturday. My friends are awesome. And we don't do this kind of stuff nearly enough!

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