Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is The Life

I don't typically post on the fly on this blog, but I'm sitting outside in the gorgeous 75 degree sunshine and felt inspired! Yesterday, I spent an amazing day at the Carolina Cup horse race with my good college friends. I'll detail that later this week in a more thought-out entry, with pictures.

Then here I am today.... The sun is high in the sky and it's warm, but not too warm that it's uncomfortable. I'm on our freshly swept deck (eh... or partially swept... that shit's hard work) and have a cold glass of lemonade. Or rather, a hot pink plastic beer stein of lemonade. The azalea's and dogwoods are in fiery bloom around the yard and the birds are tweeting in the just-budding trees.

Thank heavens for Puff's work laptop, so I can sit outside in this perfection. (Yes, I'm that behind the times that I don't own a laptop. Word on the street is we're going next week to Best Buy to do some research and then hopefully I'll have one I can call my own by this summer!) Speaking of Puff... a nice big shout out to him in his old, prescription strength bug-eye sunglasses and his tattered Abercrombie shorts.

Right now, he's making that shit look GOOD as he's mowing the lawn. I lucked out with this life. I really, really did.

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