Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If You're Tired of the Same Old Story...

5 bonus points to whomever knows what song I'm referencing above!

Anyway... the real point of the story is to just throw out there that there are some changes coming to the site. A new name, revamped look, new logo, and perhaps, a new hosting site, are all in the works. Why? Because it was time to start looking more legit!

I purchased a domain name yesterday and my wheels are spinning on ideas for the new masthead and logo. I've already got a kick-butt new slogan that ties in to the new website name. (Unfortunately, anything mildly associated with the current name was already taken, so it's an entirely new schtick.) And once I have some ideas, I've got a team of graphic designers on standby to start cranking out some options for me!

This whole thing might take a few weeks, or even months. I'm not sure yet. But I'll keep updating until then, don't worry. And I'll give you some heads-up on when the change is happening, so you can change the bookmarks and share the new link with all of your friends!

Stay tuned!

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