Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break

We typically don't make the pilgrimage back to The Fort this close again after Christmas, but with Healey on her way, we needed to get maternity photos done! So yes, we packed up the family, took a few days off work, and hit the road back for one last Healey-free visit with my family. (Although, leading into the trip, there was a lot of unnecessary family drama - that I did not cause, thankyouverymuch - that almost made me not want to go!)
I won't bore you with the day to day antics, but we had fun. Lots of family time, some dress up with Mamaw and Papaw, dinners out, lots of ice cream, and a trip to an aquarium. I figure it's just better to share with photos. The drama didn't rear its ugly head, and we came back in one piece.
I will say, every time I go back to visit The Fort anymore, the less I have any desire to move back there ever. It has its moments - I love my family and friends there - but after almost 15 years in South Carolina, I'm pretty sure I call this HOME now for a reason.
Hanging with Papaw at the jumpy castles

Mamaw had great dress-up clothes

Getting her first manicure with Mamaw

At the aquarium with Papaw

Visiting Granny, her great-grandma
*I promise I will post the maternity photos once we get them back from my photographer! Can't wait!*

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