Friday, March 27, 2015

34 Months Big

Can you believe we are only two more months away from being done with Bimmer's monthly updates FOREVER? OK... don't remind me.
She is definitely growing up so fast. You can see it physically as well.... her little belly isn't as protruding. Her face isn't quite as round. She is outgrowing her pants and wearing them as high-waters these days. (Thankfully shorts weather is right around the corner.) She has pretty well mastered potty-training (maybe one accident in the past month). She is thinking through problems more, and utilizing things like stools to reach stuff she wants that is out of reach. And we had her first haircut! (Read about that HERE).
She continues to remind us that she is a "new big sister" and that can mean anything from thinking she doesn't have to go to bed on time to eating a full pretzel rod, instead of just half. I definitely think we are going to have to watch her with Healey. I can see her being the type who thinks she is helping, but instead is trying to feed Reese's Pieces to a 3 month old. She told me the other day that she would help me get Healey out of the car "and not drop her." Oh boy!
I swear she is so smart... but I am her mom. She busts out with telling us that she "needs privacy" and randomly busts out with knowing "xylophone." She is grasping the concept of rhyming words and even tries to make up her own sometimes. (Her teacher told us that during Dr. Seuss week at school, she was helping with the rhymes as the teacher read the book!) She is trying to "read" more to herself - basically just recalling either what we have already read to her, or looking at the pictures and telling her own stories. She has always been good at puzzles, but she has done a few on the Kindle that are a lot more pieces and didn't really struggle. And she is liking memory/matching games a lot and excelling at them, with guidance on how to play properly.
We had a pretty bad incident at school this month with her biting someone (after being good for almost a month) and latching on so badly that they had to physically remove her from the boy. The director even had to remove her from the class and take her to her office because they weren't comfortable leaving her in the class. They ultimately let her go with another class for the day, to see if the change of scenery helped. It did - and she was fine - but this just reminds us that her anger isn't completely under control. She just doesn't know how to handle it when she gets so frustrated... and I feel like I am failing as a mom with her and trying to know what to do to help her. If any of my readers have had kids with similar issues, please let me know what worked for you! (Update: They have officially moved Bimmer to the older 2's class at her school. It is more structured and she has been thriving since moving there. Even if I did come to pick her up one day and some of the 4 year olds were chasing her around the playground- which she did not like. Still looking for advice though!)

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