Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Only the Good...

I love music. I love lots of random types of music. But one of my all-time favorites is Billy Joel.
(Here is where I would insert a photo or video if my internet didn't hate me)
From "We Didn't Start the Fire" - which I do know every word - to "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant," I am a fan. I've seen him in concert multiple times over the years. I've seen him alone once (or twice???) and then with Elton John twice. I prefer him alone, since then he plays more of his songs. But he has never done me wrong.
So when Kimhead told me that he was coming to Charlotte in December, I was all about jumping on some tickets!
One small problem....
I'm a mom. And in this day and age, that normally has to come first. And the date in December is the same day there is a Christmas parade. It's a parade I have always missed due to my goofy December work schedule. Puff took Bimmer this past year and she loved it. So I purposely made a point to go ahead and take off that Saturday for December 2015 as soon as I was aware of the date.
OK... so taking Bimmer to a parade or Billy Joel? Well, clearly, Billy Joel would win.
But he didn't.
He didn't win because we are 99% sure we are going to enroll Bimmer in dance class starting this fall. And her studio will be IN the parade. So, not just attending - being on a float in the parade.
There was no way I could miss that.
Sadly, Billy will have to wait. Or maybe he won't - maybe this will be the last opportunity I would have had to see him live before he calls it quits. I'm definitely saddened by it. It sucks having to make this adult decision. But if we are able to get Bimmer into dance, and she is in that parade, the joy that it will bring her will overshadow me missing the concert.
Plus, it's not like it's Robbie Williams.
I wouldn't miss him for anything. Not even Bimmer's birthday party.
Yup... I said it. :)

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