Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Color Me Green

We just got back from a few days visiting family back in The Fort (more on that in a future post) but with it being St. Patty's Day, I thought I would just share a smattering of some of my favorite photos from the trip Puff and I took to Ireland back in 2009.
Geez... Puff looks soooooo young here!!!
I'm sure I've shared some (if not all) of these before. But that trip was amazing. Besides New Zealand, it was my favorite trip I have ever been on. And my hands-down favorite I've been on with Puff. It was the trip that made me realize I could see myself married to him. And while we have lofty travel goals to hit up other places in the world prior to returning to Ireland, I can definitely see that it will be on our list again. It would be the perfect family-friendly place to visit. I know our girls would love it. Here's hoping we can return one day!

The perk of traveling in shoulder season - a pic of Blarney Castle with NO PEOPLE IN IT!!!


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