Friday, March 6, 2015

Cut it Out

I started coloring my hair back when I was about 16 years old. Ever since then, I have diligently seen one person. The same person. Always. Over the past 16 years. Back in The Fort. Despite (at one point) living 500+ miles away. I would go home twice a year, get it cut and colored. It worked out for me. It was always the perfect arrangement. I loved what she did for my color - I never doubted her work. It looked natural, and not at all "striped" like I see so many girls sporting here in the south.
Cue December 2014. I had my appointment on the books since June. When it was a few weeks out, I called the salon to confirm my appointment. The call wouldn't go through. A few days later, I tried again. This time, I got a recording saying the number had been disconnected. I searched online and could find no alternate number. Was it seriously possible that my hairdresser was suddenly MISSING?!? And of course, after all those years, I didn't even have her number to reach her directly. I was crushed.
It was worse than breaking up with a long-term boyfriend. No joke.
So I had to begin the hunt here. My work BFF has a lady she likes, but I wasn't sold. So I trusted Cole and went to her man. I was in desperate need of some hair help after 8+ months of neglect.
My biggest thing was that I wanted it to look natural. I think he succeeded.
Am I blown away? No. Do I hate it? No. It's a little too short, and the color isn't quite as blonde as I would like it, but it's a start. I'll trust him again. But it still leaves a hole in my heart for my old hair girl. 16 years was a long time. I miss her. ::sigh:: Here's hoping this new guy and I can get things on track and I can finally trust someone with my hair color again.
It's a big dream. But hopefully I can reach it!

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