Tuesday, December 30, 2014

31 Month Update

* She is super keen lately on randomly screaming, "There's a bear!" And acting all scared. She loves it when you play along and ask her questions like if it's a nice bear or a mean bear, or what it's doing. I just love her little imagination at work.
* She uses the word "probably" a lot too. (Although it comes out "plob-a-blee") I like to see her reasoning and making educated guesses and properly using the word. It just seems like a big kid word to me.
* As for a stats update, I haven't weighed her recently, but I'd say she's between 32 and 35 pounds. She wears a size 3T in a lot of stuff, even if some of it has room to grow. She does still wear 2T leggings. And for whatever reason, the clothes at Gymboree don't really fit her right. A shame since I know a lot of friends/family like to shop there. Oh well. She is in a size 5 diaper, but hopefully only for a few more months and then we can get her the "Smurf panties" she has been requesting. (Good grief - I'll never find any!!!)
* She was super excited about Christmas this year. She would scream "Christmas tree!!!!!" whenever we would go someplace that had one. She was enamored by the tree we put in her room. She would sing "Jingle Bells" and we watched some of the old Christmas cartoons, like Frosty. She thought the lights were magical and my favorite, she still would call Santa, "Noah" sometimes. Too cute to correct.
* She has started to show more signs of being ready to potty train, but I am holding off until January. (Didn't want to mess with it in December with my hectic work schedule and traveling.) She is letting us know when she has pooped and wants to be changed. And she is staying drier longer between changes and is telling us such. I think January will be the start of it all. Stay tuned... ya know, because you want to hear about that!
* She has had some health issues this month - like super scary ones! She was diagnosed officially with mild asthma. Then a week and a half later (after going through a round of antibiotics for another ear infection and steroids for her wheezing) she ended up with a day of bad coughing and a low fever. I kept her home for the day, and she vomited when she had a bad coughing attack. It was pitiful, but we were managing. By the end of the day, her breathing was very short and labored. Her inhaler every 20 minutes wasn't helping. We finally called her doctor and they had after hours at their office that night, so at 9pm, we took her to see a doctor. Her fever was 100.5 when we got there. They ran a flu and RSV test (both came back negative) and then did a nebulizer treatment for her breathing. When that was over, I felt her and she was scorching hot! (Not to mention her breathing was still the same as when we got there.) The nurse took her temp and didn't even tell us what it was - just turned and walked out of the door to tell the doctor. She came back in and took it again under her arm... 104.9. YIKES!!!! We ended up having to go to the ER. And of course there were like 10 other people in the pediatric waiting room... yuck. They tried to get us to have her wear a face mask. Ha. Good luck with that! Thankfully, we only waited about 15 minutes and they took us into triage. They had to take her temp in her booty (ended up happening 3 times - poor girl). The doctor had called ahead, so they had held a room for us, which was so nice. We were there for over 4 hours in total... she had a chest x-ray (which showed no pneumonia), blood work (which was horrible for me to have to hold her down while they took it - yielded results of an elevated white blood cell count only) and then they did a catheter, since she isn't potty trained. Poor sweet girl! She stayed awake until almost 2am and then finally drifted off to sleep while we waited on the results. Finally, they decided to give her a dose of antibiotic through an IV. The needle wasn't perfect in her arm, so I ended up having to hold it in for the 30 minutes she got it - in the most uncomfortable position ever. But you do what you gotta do for your baby! By the time we got home, her temp was down to 100.4 and I gave her Motrin and we went to sleep. She was still asleep by 10am the next morning. It was so scary, but her breathing seemed to get better and her fever was down. Some bonus pics for you this go round from our adventures...

* I'm not quite sure if it's due to her having been sick or if she's just experiencing some growing pains, but I've noticed Bimmer has been way more tired than usual lately. Her normal schedule for the longest time has been bed at 9pm and waking up around 7am. However, ever since her sickness, she wakes up super tired at 7am, so we have backed up bedtime to 8:30pm. I even let her sleep in a few mornings recently and went into work late. I think we really need to look at an 8pm bedtime for awhile. Sweet girl is so pathetic in the mornings telling me that she needs to "go back night night." Bless her!

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