Monday, December 22, 2014

Sound Bite... Monday?

Side Note: I'm on day 6 of a super nasty viral infection that has left me out of work for way longer than I care to be out, curled up in a ball of sweaty feverish mess. It's been ugly. My apologies for not posting more often or better. Or on time.

Over the past few years, my time and desire to search out new music has been super limited. In fact, I don't even know the last time I bought something new. (OK, I do... it was the latest "Theory of a Deadman" CD and I totally hated it.) I think I'm just getting crotchedy in my old age and I'm totally fine sticking to classic rock and Robbie Williams.

Anyhoo... a few months back, my Ipod decided that it was going to get all OCD on me and it was going to play songs in alphabetical order. It's been doing this for awhile now and I was recently on the "P" part of the list. A random David Cook song came on (remember him from American Idol) called "Permanent." And it instantly gave me chills. It had probably been years since I had listened to that song.... about his sick/dying brother... and I found myself sitting silently listening so carefully to the words. They were so powerful and bone chilling. What a horrible situation to be in, yet such a beautiful way to depict hope and understanding.

So, check it out. A little solemn reminder this holiday season that some out there are hurting and sick and need the rest of us to rally around them. There are people that need someone permanent in their lives. Try to be that someone if you can.
Man... one of my all-time favorite voices to come from a reality show. (Actually, besides Daughtry, he's totally my fave. Adam Lambert was awesome - but more for the stage. All went down-hill after that season though.)

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