Sunday, December 14, 2014

Decorate 'er Up

For the past few years, decorating for Christmas hasn't really been something I've wanted to do. Between being pregnant and then having Bimmer and now being pregnant again, my energy just seems to be zapped on other, more important things. However, I refused to be the Grinch. Especially this year when Bimmer is super into Christmas.


We let Bimmer help decorate the mantle and hang all of our stockings.


And you should have seen her face when I came home one night and Puff had put up a small tree in her room. She grabbed my hand and made me run with her to her room to show me that "Christmas is here!" As we were unpacking boxes later that night, she found ribbon I normally put on the big tree and insisted it go on her tree. She also kept grabbing out random decorations and putting them under her tree. How could I tell her no???


I dread putting up the big tree. Actually, I dread taking it down more than putting it up. But Bimmer's joy for the season was palatable. She was very excited and anxious to help put up the ornaments. We did it all slowly over the course of a few days, so it wasn't that terrible. Puff always grumbles about it, but after it was up, he told me that it hadn't been that bad. (He then came to the realization that perhaps he always hated it because he had done it with his mom for so many years and she made it unenjoyable! Ha! Probably on to something there!)
We put up a few small lit trees on our front porch and a small light-up snowman I've had for years. But otherwise, that was it. Simple is good for us! As long as Bimmer is happy with it - then so are the rest of us! Merry Christmas! It's here! (Bimmer reminds me quite frequently!!!)

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