Friday, August 1, 2014

Sexy Mom Continues

Alrighty - here is my updated post on "Summer of Sexy Mom" so you can keep me accountable for my public appearance. In general, I feel like I have been doing pretty well. I have also been doing a ton of shopping lately. (More on that in a minute!)
For now, here are a few outfits I've worn recently that I am not ashamed of!
Finally upgraded to a new cover-up from J.Crew

As for the shopping... J.Crew has been my latest weakness. And their July 4th sales just had me flinging my credit card around left and right! A few of my spoils...

I successfully avoided placing these in my basket, although I desperately wanted to...

I have also accepted that while my preference of style is now deemed "Southern Prep" that must include a little bit of Lilly Pulitzer. I already have a few pieces, but July led me to add this new fave to my world...
I love me a good planner, and while the rest of the blogosphere (and several of my friends) are going ga-ga over Erin Condren, it's just not for me. Nope, I'm a Lilly girl! #summerinlilly
I also couldn't resist these babies...
What's funny is that Puff bought blue seersucker shorts from J.Crew the same day I bought these! Hey - great minds think alike!
Now if I can only get my mind off that Vineyard Vines dress I saw at Belk that I was madly in love with, only to find they didn't have my size, and it's not available on the internet anywhere. Boo hoo!

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