Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Picnic Perfect

Back at Bimmer's birthday, my parents not only gifted her with the amazingly awesome water table...
They also got her a picnic table. We were unsure about the whole thing, since it was big and we don't have that large of a deck... where would we put it? Would she even use it? But it was super nice and we knew that eventually, Bimmer would get some use from it. So we busted it out one slow weekend (what are those???) and got to work. Except then we realized the top was broken! Oh no!
But the awesome people at KidKraft, who made the table, included this awesome handy-dandy sheet that was all like "Missing a piece? Call us!" So I called them. On a Tuesday. And with no real questions asked, I had a new table top on my front door step before the end of the week. Um... hello amazingly awesome customer service that I wasn't sure existed anymore!!!
Thanks to them, Bimmer's birthday gift was salvaged, and even though it took us two months to find time to get it all put together and in use, it was well worth the wait. And Bimmer will definitely have many more summers to enjoy it!


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