Monday, August 4, 2014

Pick 'em For Sure

"We hope that you'll forgive us, for the blunder that we made. We snuck in some extra goodies - So our apologies may be conveyed."
I have to step back and take a second in my little smidgen of the InterGoogle to give a big ol' shout out to this company. I have done a post before with them (back when I was doing my favorites of the month) and I have to pluck them out again and shout it from the rooftops how amazing they are!
I have ordered numerous things from their little daily sales - everything from scarves to necklaces to washi tape. My first customer service experience came with them a few months back. I had ordered two rolls of washi tape (for a whopping bill of less than $5) and when they shipped, I got TWO shipping notifications. Turns out something had gliched on their end and they sent me two packages. I reached out, not wanting to get charged for the second package. Within an hour.... AN HOUR... I had a personalized email back from them saying it was their mistake and not to worry about sending it back! I emailed them right back - had to be a fluke, there wasn't someone actually answering their emails, was there?
Yup. I wrote back and thanked them for their professionalism and awesome customer service and they wrote me right back and thanked me for my continued support of their company and thanked me for saying I would spread good word of mouth!
An. Actual. Person.
OK - cue a few weeks ago. I was super giddy to order an address stamp for my co-worker as an engagement gift. It came, I took it into work, assembled it, and stamped it on a piece of paper to leave as a surprise on her desk. That's when I noticed her fiancĂ©'s name was spelled "Gergory" instead of "Gregory." My heart sank. Had I not reviewed the order 9230493 times before I pushed send??? Turns out, I had. The mistake was on their end. I went ahead and showed it to my assistant, so she would at least know I had tried to get her a sweet gift. I told her I would email the company, but since they only ran sales for a limited time, I wasn't sure I could remedy it.
But not only did Pick Your Plum remedy it - they exceeded my wildest expectations. They answered my email within 25 minutes, apologized, and said they would be able to send me a replacement, personalized, stamp within the week. And you know what? They did. And it came with a card that said that line at the start of this entry... with a small pack of cards for scrapbooking. It was just something so minor - that probably cost them only a few cents and some time - but it had me screaming their name and telling their story and showing that card to anyone who would listen. And now I'm here writing about it.
I work in an industry that occasionally has to appease the general masses of the public. And I know how poorly our customer service can be sometimes. It's heartbreaking to think about it, when something so small, will gain so much ground with someone... to ensure they are a repeat customer. So - go place your order! Now! Stat! I'm sure there is an adorable and awesome deal just waiting for you!

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