Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bimmer Babbles

My sweet little Bimmer is getting to be quite the comedian these days. Or, I'm just her mom and everything she says is adorable and sweet. I won't make this a super regular habit, but I had to post a few of my favorite quips lately...
In my car, driving to school...
Bimmer: I go in Daddy's vertible!!!!! ::tears::
Mommy: Honey, you can't fit in Daddy's vertible. You're in Mommy's car. Do you want your window back?
Bimmer: Yay! My window back!!! ::giggles::
Bimmer: Mommy window back?
Roll my window down
Bimmer: ::giggles:: Mommy, this fun!

Mommy: Bimmer, did you go poop?
Bimmer: No.
Mommy: Are you lying?
Bimmer: No, Mommy. I'm a tiger!

While trying to get her dressed one morning:
Bimmer: NO LIKE THIS SHIRRRRRRRT!!!! ::epic tantrum::
I fight and put the shirt on her. Twenty minutes later while getting into car:
Bimmer: Mommy!!! ::huge smiles:: This a pretty shirt!
Mommy: ::in my head:: You are such a bitch.
She was climbing on my lap, so I started to tickle her and she rolled over on to her stomach. I was smacking her little hiney:
Bimmer: ::giggles:: No hiney!
Mommy: You're my punkin-butt. I'm gonna get that punkin-butt.
Bimmer: No punkin-butt, Mommy!
Mommy: No punkin-butt? Then what?
Bimmer: Um... stinky butt!
She came in from outside getting the mail. She had a AAA travel magazine in her hand.
Bimmer: ::studying the front cover of the magazine::
Bimmer: ::handing me the magazine:: I go on uh-cation.

Walking into Target for the 40,000th time in her short life...
Bimmer: No like this Target.
Mommy: What? You love Target.
Bimmer: No like this red Target. Go to blue Target.
Mommy: Where do you live?
Bimmer: The White House.
Mommy: Do you live with the President?
Bimmer: No, Mommy Daddy!!!
Mommy: Do you know who the president is?
Bimmer: Pete.
Mommy: How do you know that?
Bimmer: Brady read book my class.

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