Saturday, August 23, 2014

No Child Left Behind

As you are fully aware, I love to travel. While Puff and I are unsure about adding another baby to our brood, we are definitely still tentatively planning 2015 trips in case that second baby doesn't ever materialize. (I always say I'm not happy without a trip on the books!) So I was having a discussion one day with a co-worker about how I would love to go to the Turks & Caicos in the spring. After describing to her where that is, she asked me who would watch Bimmer while we were gone.
You should have seen her face when I told her we would take Bimmer with us. (In fact, the only reason we even picked that destination was because of her and her love of a beach!)
"WHY?!?!?!" My co-worker's face scrunched in the type of disgust I reserve only for those terrifying moments when I find out someone is a Packers fan.
Um.... why NOT?
There are lots of things about my life before Bimmer that I miss. The time with Puff is a big one. However, the times that I miss are those quiet moments snuggling on the couch watching TV, sleeping in late on a Sunday morning, going on a spontaneous dinner date on a Tuesday, or long drives in the convertible in the mountains. Yes, I miss the travel. I miss it a lot. I haven't been to Europe in 3 years and that seems like an eternity to me! But not for one second do I wish I could travel without Bimmer. While our destinations have changed, that's a temporary setback. If we didn't have her, we probably would have been to Croatia and Slovenia already. But we'll get there eventually... just a few years later.
I was blessed enough to be able to travel a lot as a child growing up. It started out with just a week-long vacation each summer, typically to someplace in Florida. But as I got older, we would sometimes do six or seven trips a year. Not always huge ones, but maybe a long weekend in San Francisco or Boston. When Puff and I got pregnant, we knew that we would continue to travel with Bimmer. It was never even a discussion of what we would do with her when we went on a trip. We have talked about a 10 year anniversary trip to New Zealand since even before we were married. And yes, we will 100% take Bimmer with us on that trip. No questions asked. I couldn't fathom NOT taking her!
Yes, Puff and I are discussing a 3 day weekend trip to Newport, Rhode Island, or Martha's Vineyard next year for our 5 year wedding anniversary, without Bimmer. But I think those type of things will be few and far between. There will never be a week in Europe without her. Not until she is old enough to tell us she doesn't want to join us. Although, if she is anything like me and Puff, there won't ever be a trip she will turn down. At least I hope not.
Puff and I want to show our baby the world.

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Anonymous said...

I love traveling with my kids! I still couldn't believe the reactions we got when we told people we were taking a 15 day road trip out west with our kids. They thought we were nuts for taking 4 kids so far away for so long. It's still the best trip we've ever had!! (Even the kids say so!) 2 weeks on the beach this summer with them was magical! Family travel makes so many great memories for our kids and it makes them more open to new experiences and new places. Now Steven and I do get away by ourselves every anniversary (some where close for the yearly and then somewhere big for the 5 years! It's NYC this year for our 10 year, even though it's really our 11 year! lol) We have Europe planned for 15 (we don't know where yet, we're open for suggestions!!) but that will be without the kids...unless we win the lottery! lol...long story short I love that you want to take her along for the ride! She will group with a love of the world and that is always a good thing!