Sunday, August 24, 2014

Laugh It Off

I've written about it before, but Asheville's Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival is one of our favorite things ever. And it's one of my most favorite date nights I get to take with Puff. (Read about last year's jaunt, HERE) While getting there was super rushed this year, thanks to work schedules, we made it with ten minutes to spare!
And Bimmer hardly noticed we were gone! My assistant, Coco, came over to watch her and came equipped with bracelets, wands, rings, and all kinds of other goodies! I am pretty sure it was the most epic babysitting job ever if you asked Bimmer.

That made it so much easier for Puff and I to enjoy our evening out! While this wasn't the best year for the comedians, it was still awesome to have a date night. Add to it that we had the night out to ourselves, but we also were in one of our favorite towns (seriously - we love Asheville like crazy) and we got to ride the whole way home with the convertible top down.
And Puff was pretty excited that I decided to "sex it up" a little with my new super short (didn't realize they were so short til I was wearing them out in public for the first time!) Lilly Pulitzer shorts and my wedges.
Now if we could just teach Puff to take a better photo. Eh.... we'll just blame it on him being excited to be out on the town with his trophy wife! :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had a great date night out! Your legs look AH-mazing in those shorts!! ;-)