Friday, May 24, 2013

Project 52 - Week 52

Well, folks. This is it. My baby is a whole year old. ::scrambles to beg Puff to knock me up so we can do it again::
At 4:53am on May 24th, my world changed in a way I never knew imaginable. I took to being a mother so easily. I had the instinct. She was the best, most perfect baby in the history of babies. The cutest baby in the whole wide world. And I was lucky enough to be her mom.
We've been through some rough patches... trouble going to the bathroom, sleepless nights, spoiled tantrums. But the bright spots outweigh those. The joy this child brings me. ::sigh:: I can't love her enough.
In her final week leading up to her birthday, she has had a ton of fun putting things away. Mostly her new monkeys in a bucket that Rach got her for her birthday. It amazes me that she understands the concept. She's turning into such a little person! We also got her a mat to take to her toddler class at school coming up, and she loves to crawl on it and lay on it. That makes me hope she will still take good naps at school outside a crib!
She has also discovered a little maniacal laugh inside her. It's not her typical loud giggle that we get when we tickle her or chase her. No, it's an "I've got the remote and know I shouldn't be playing with it" laugh. I heard it from the other room the other day and she looked so proud of herself for getting into a mess she shouldn't. Oh wow... the toddler years are going to be fun!
Bring 'em on! We're ready!

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