Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Faves

I'm back with my monthly list o' cool shit. Enjoy!
#1: Hannibal
Why: Because who doesn't love a serial killer? Seriously? You don't? What's wrong with you? OK... so I probably have an unhealthy fascination with serial killers, much to Kimhead's dismay. But ever since high school, I've been stuck. I love Thomas Harris' books and movies. And so when I heard there was going to be a TV show based on his characters from "Red Dragon," I just knew I had to give it a chance. At first, I didn't love it. I was trying so hard to remember how it all had happened in the book and I couldn't get Lawrence Fishburne out of his CSI role. But after a few episodes, I couldn't turn it off, even if it's sometimes a little trippy. It's making me really want to go back and watch the movies again. Oh, if only I had time for movies.
#2: Land of Nod
Why: Because I'm obsessed with home decorating and I now have a child. I first heard of this Crate & Barrel children's store when I was first pregnant with Bimmer. I scoured their website, finding bedding and rugs that I loved. Except, then I wasn't working and we didn't have disposable income to splurge on overpriced baby gear. We opted to go with a beach themed nursery to utilize items we already had, so I wasn't able to make any purchases. Well, after a C&B gift card burnt a hole in my pocket for over a year, I finally broke down and bought a canvas storage basket for $20 and I love it. I am so anxious for either Baby #2 or for Bimmer's big girl room so I can go ahead and decorate a room the way I really wanted to in the first place!
#3: Snapchat
Why: Because I just know I would have gotten in trouble sending dirty pictures to boys had this been around when I was in college. (Frankly, I never would have probably landed a job in the real world had Facebook or Instagram been around then either. Counting my blessings!) Anyhoo... one of my friends turned me on to this and it's addicting. Basically you snap a pic or video and immediately send it to another Snapchat user, but you can only see the photo for a max of 10 seconds. You can draw on it or make captions. But once they open it and have seen it, it's gone. Forever. Now we just need to get Puff on board so I can start sending him some naughty mid-day photos!

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