Monday, May 27, 2013

It's All About Me

It's taken me a long time to realize this, but it's time to not feel guilty anymore. Nope... taking "Mommy Time" is a completely normal, acceptable, and necessary step in the process that is motherhood.
When Bimmer was first born, I was horrible about not wanting to pawn off the baby onto Puff. I had this mentality that she was MY baby and that I was the one who had wanted her, so I needed to be her primary caregiver, over everything else. Now, I would let Puff help when I needed to shower or do laundry or wash bottles. But it was always for a reason that affected the greater good of the family. I was extremely bad about it once I started working too, since I thought Bimmer needed to spend every possible second with her Mommy.
But I finally had an epiphany. This spring, I've started to do more things for myself. And by myself. They may sometimes be for the greater good (like an early Sunday morning jaunt to Target or an evening at the grocery) but a lot of the times, it's not. I have scheduled girl's nights with my friends. I went every other night to the tanning bed for 2 months. You have no idea how glorious 20 minutes of silence can be until you have a jabbering baby (and husband) at home! And then I started giving Puff some bonding time with his daughter so I could have some bonding time with my neglected elliptical.
And I've lost those last few stubborn pounds.
There's definitely some truth to the saying about if Mom is happy, everyone is happy. I feel like I am much more focused when I am spending time with Bimmer, since I'm not worrying about all the stuff that's not getting done. And it gives Puff time to play (or bathe or feed) with Bimmer, which is time she needs. She needs Daddy time as much as Mommy time. Which suits me just fine!

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