Sunday, May 5, 2013

Project 52 - Week 49

Reality is starting to sink in that my baby girl is almost ONE!
Where has the time gone???
I remember fondly the days when Bimmer's happy place was on the changing pad. She never cried when she was laying there. She was always super cooperative and chill. Then the past few weeks happened. She's not always bad when we're trying to change her, but she's definitely not always a model patient either. There are days when we are literally trying to keep her from rolling away or sitting up. And then the times she arches her back, throws her head back in a scream, and slams both feet down on the pad in a huff. She is going to be such fun as a teenager.
We tried broccoli this week, but her reaction was exactly what mine would be... disgust. I'm hoping to find time to search online for some other ideas for good finger foods for her. She does sometimes eat deli meat, so I'm thinking about seeing what she would do with that for lunch at school. I know if I sent it with cheese and crackers, she would love it! I am knocking on wood as I'm writing this, but Bimmer actually drank some from a sippy cup this week! I'm tempted to send it in to school to see if the peer pressure will entice her to do it more often. I am so ready for her to drink from one!
For shits and giggles this week, I put Bimmer in her crib after her bottle one evening. She had been sound asleep in my arms, but woke up screaming the second my feet hit the floor! She's not stupid! She cried for about 15 minutes before sleeping for 45. I did get her then and held her until she fell back to sleep. Then she went down in the bed with me and slept for about 8 1/2 hours. I'm really trying to get Puff off his immediate instinct to grab a bottle to give her if she wakes in the middle of the night. It's a bad habit that we got into (as was co-sleeping) so we could get through the infancy stage. It's time for us to suck it up now and muddle through the hard parts. My goal right now is nixing the occasional middle-o-the-night feedings and learning to get back to sleep on her own. It's times like these, I sorta kinda wish she would take a pacifier.
One of the cutest things this week is that Bimmer has started pointing with just one finger. She points so delicately to things in books, it's precious!

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Anonymous said...

Thought of a finger food suggestion for you -- sweet potato fries. If she already likes sweet potatoes, she'll love them, and all you have to do is bake them.