Sunday, May 19, 2013

Three Cheers to Me

Last May, we weren't sure if Bimmer would make her appearance in time or not, so Puff actually went out and bought a card. Alas, Bimmer came almost two weeks later, so this is officially my first Mother's Day!
We started the whole weekend with my one request... a quiet morning. Puff took Bimmer out for a drive and came home with a box of chocolate Munchkins. After breakfast, Bimmer took over an hour nap while Puff worked outside in the yard. The weather was perfect to have the windows open, listening to the birds, writing blogs, and just enjoying the fact that I could do something for myself for a change.
The festivities continued on Sunday with an early morning trip to the zoo!
It was Bimmer's first time and I was so happy to have a gorgeous and special day to commemorate the occasion. Her favorite thing was the turtles, but the baby crocodile that kept snapping at the glass freaked her out. She loved the giraffes and the brightly colored birds. I absolutely love watching her discover things for the first time!
Our afternoon included naps, a trip to Sonic for a cherry cream slush, and installing Bimmer's big girl car seat to face forward. My card said 'Hell yeah, bitch" on it, which is hilariously appropriate for our family. Oh yeah, and she decided to do this...
Where has my tiny baby gone?!?!?
Although, in reality, the past few months have been my absolute favorites. I don't really miss the tiny baby stage. Bimmer is developing into such a little person and I cherish every single second I get to spend with her. I am beyond grateful and so blessed that she chose me to be her mommy.
I love that kid with all my heart and soul.

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