Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Project 52 - Week 45

She looks so grown up this week!
Bimmer enjoyed her first Easter this week. (More on that in another post - I'm slacking this week, since my InterGoogle has been acting goofy!) Although with her ear tubes and traveling, her sleep schedule is all out of whack. And I'm about tired of it. Eh... maybe I'm just flat out TIRED!!! She has only slept through the night once since her surgery. Calling the doc is on my radar if this continues.
Speaking of her sleeping habits, I have noticed that at night, she's becoming less snuggly. I always hold her on my chest after she finishes her bottle and I usually fall asleep holding her. But lately she's more fidgety and wants to lay off by herself. Maybe that's a step in the right direction toward moving her to her own bed! (I'm mentally preparing a post about our sleeping situation for the near future.)
This week she also ate some carrot souffle - which is the first time she has eaten anything with carrots! She also ate some ham from my sandwiches on two different occasions. We continue to work on finger foods. Now our next task needs to be working on the sippy cup! She still doesn't have much interest in it and spits out whatever she gets in her mouth. One step at a time, right? Although, with her eating, she was pretty particular on our trip to Tennessee this weekend. Here's hoping that's not a trend. She wouldn't eat any new finger foods starting Saturday afternoon... one of which included a crepe with powdered sugar on it!
It's been a stressful, insane, and single-parent type of week, so I promise to have better updates soon!

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The Fischer Family said...

I think this is my favorite pic ever! So stinkin' cute!! And yeah for carrot souffle! :-) I hope she starts sleeping better soon or that the dr. might be able to shed some light on what's going on! It's hard when they've been sleeping through the night and then just stop!