Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Faves

I'm back with my monthly raves! What are you jonesing after this month? (Yes, I just said that.)
#1: Garlic Festival
Why: Because who doesn't love garlic??? A few years ago, Puff and I took Kimhead to NC for a Renaissance Festival. (Go ahead and judge.) On our way out, we passed by some of the vendors and one of them was Garlic Festival. The second I tried the Garlic Garni, I knew I had to have it. I use it in so many ways... on baked chicken and fish, in hamburger meat before it's grilled, on veggies. Our favorite use is to put it in some olive oil and dip bread in it! It's inexpensive (maybe $4 a bottle) but the shipping isn't, so I order a few jars at a time!
#2: Doc McStuffins
Why: Because Bimmer will finally sit still! Puff and I are avid TV watchers, but Bimmer has always sort of ignored it. Probably because "Criminal Minds" and "Snapped" just aren't her jam. But one morning a month or so ago, I happened upon this TV show on Disney. And the world stopped for Bimmer. She sat for about 15 minutes and couldn't take her eyes off it! Since then, it's been our "go to" if we need her to chill for awhile or if we are trying to keep her awake later to ensure an uninterrupted night's sleep. It's the only show she will actually watch. And yes, Puff and I can sing all the songs. "Time for your check-up, time for your check-up."
#3: Southern Hands
Why: Because "Southern Tots" that I mentioned in a previous month just turned me off. (It took forever to get my order and then the size was off!) So, I found this place on Etsy and now follow them on Facebook as well. They are in South Carolina and I have already ordered a bib and bloomers for Bimmer's first birthday photos. Since the turn-around time and quality of work was awesome, I went ahead and ordered a special order of a whale onesie for Bimmer's first birthday party. She also has super cute personalized items for boys, which you don't see too often. I love me some seersucker!

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The Fischer Family said...

#1- Um, yum!

#2- We love Doc McStuffins here too, but Criminal Minds is more my jam! lol

#3- Who doesn't love seersucker!?!?

Have a great weekend!