Friday, April 12, 2013

Bunny Tales

Coming off an exhausting 12 days straight at work, packing up and heading to Atlanta to spend time with the MIL ranked right above "Labotomy by Goat" on the list of ways I wanted to spend my weekend. Alas, I was bound and determined not to let her ruin Bimmer's first Easter!
Before we even hit the road, Puff and I gave her an overflowing Easter basket. It came with snacks, books, empty eggs for her to clap together, and a pair of purple bunny ears.
We spent that Saturday hanging out with family, eating lunch, and visiting friends. The weather was perfect to spend some time outside! Bimmer discovered pine straw for the first time and had a blast trying to move it piece by piece from the bed to the sidewalk. After a nature walk at a park, we got to spend some time on the swings. I'd say she liked it!
On Easter Sunday, we headed off to church with the MIL, BIL, and one of Bimmer's cousins that were visiting from the Great White North. She hadn't taken a nap, so I knew she was going to be a pill. After all the "oohs" and "aahs" over how cute she is, Bimmer lasted a whole 16 minutes into the service. She squealed and sang during the songs, but was otherwise fidgety and chatty, so after a few dirty looks, I took her out. Several people mentioned the nursery, but I knew she would just scream the entire time. No sense in ruining someone else's holiday!
We found a comfy chair in the fellowship hall, had a bottle, and napped for a good 30 minutes. It was exactly what my baby girl needed! We had Easter lunch with the family and then headed to a friend's house for an Easter egg hunt. Bimmer found 3 whole eggs, but she wasn't too interested in the Easter Bunny!
Can't say I blame the girl!
Holidays are just so much more fun with Bimmer in our family. I love seeing things new to her for the first time. Bring on the next one!

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