Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project 52 - Week 36

It's the battle of the illnesses in our family this week. Puff has had a cold and cough for almost two weeks now. Bimmer wrapped up antibiotics at the start of the week from her double ear infection. Although by Friday, her runny nose was persisting and she had a bad cough. To the doc we went... to find out she still had her double infection! They gave her an injection of antibiotics, so let's hope it's the miracle cure we've been needing!
Bimmer is still pulling herself up on the coffee table and the couch and her music table. I've caught her a few times moving from the table to the couch with her hands, but not so much with her feet. Although on Friday, she was definitely moving along her music table by taking a few steps. She loves to bang on our glass coffee table (and we let her since it's a cheap one from Ikea). She does have no fear when she goes from standing to sitting. Just plops her butt down and goes along her way.
We have successfully eaten a graham cracker (and then didn't want to eat dinner afterwards) and Mommy may have snuck some pieces of the crusty part of the Poptart this week, in an effort to keep her quiet while I was snacking before feeding her. I feel like I am behind in giving her "real people" food. We attempted an avacado, but cut into it when it was still too hard. If any moms have any good suggestions for an 8 month old for "finger foods" let me know! I think she's ready to start trying some stuff... as long as it doesn't require too much chewing.
I am starting to think this is my favorite age so far. She is just so expressive and interested in everything. (Well, that's always been the case, but now she can go investigate!) And she's been much more affectionate and sweet and cuddly lately. That's totally why I'm loving it. Gotta eat it up while I can!

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The Fischer Family said...

I love this age! Definitely my favorite! Finger foods...vanilla waffers, cheerios, Kix, small chunks of cooked sweet potatoes, peas, small chunks of cooked green beans. Gerber makes these great yogurt puffs. Oh and their fruit and veggie puffs...we call those baby crack! :-)