Monday, February 18, 2013

February Favorites

Since we all know I sorta think I have the same impact on society as Oprah, I thought I would start giving you a few of my favorite things each month.

Let's get this party started...


#1 February Fave: Plum Organics Baby Food

Why: Because I sometimes feel guilty about not having time to make my own baby food, so giving her something that is USDA approved organic makes me feel a heck of a lot better about it. Plus, their ingredits are always things I can pronounce! They have awesome combos that include foods you never see in baby food: spinach, zucchini, quinoa! It's the only way she will eat anything green, so that makes for a happy Mommy!
#2 February Fave: Victoria's Secret Cotton Lace Trim Cheekies
Why: Because I have no ass. Yup... that's right. It's small and it's flat and it just doesn't work with a thong. It's not tall enough. Does that make any sense? Thongs just don't sit right when you have a small butt, no matter the size. Or at least they don't on my butt. So, enter Cheekies! They are my absolute fave. I have lots of kinds, some just lacy, some with more material than others, but when they run a 5 for $XX deal, I can't help but snatch them up. Especially when they have cute green and white polka dot ones or pink animal print ones! Makes me feel sexy even when I'm covered in baby snot.
#3 February Fave: Instagram
Why: Because I'm a photo taking fool anyway. Might as well have an easy way to share them, right? I decided to do a "Photo A Day February" and it's been fun. Most of the pics are of Bimmer... or of food, but hey... people like to see photos of my kid, right? Eh... I definitely won't be keeping that up after the month is over, but I do like it. I like the quick edits you can do to phone photos, which had been sorely missing in my life.
What are your favorite things this month?

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