Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Hearts

If you are a long time reader, then you probably remember this craft project debacle from Valentine's Day back in 2011... HERE. So there were definitely not going to be any homemade valentine's day cards happening around here. In fact, I got suckered into a "free" $20 from Shutterfly and ordered $35 worth of Valentine's Day cards to mail out to friends and family with Bimmer's adorable mug on them...

But then I got to trolling Pinterest. And that's a dangerous thing sometimes.

I became adamant that we needed to do some type of craft project with the baby to commemorate the holiday. At least something small to put in her first year scrapbook. I found an easy suggestion of putting her two footprints, overlapping at the heel, and then cutting the paper around them in the shape of a heart.
We covered the sunroom floor with newspaper, just in case. And I came equipped with washable finger paint, a brush to stir it around (or paint on her feet if I discovered that was easier) and a few large pieces of pink scrapbook paper I had laying around.

Bimmer did AWESOME. The first try went a bit wonky, but we were able to make three other "hearts" in a matter of probably less than five minutes. She didn't gripe or complain. She didn't even try to reach down to touch the paint or anything. Awww... it was so easy and I loved it!

The FIL and my mom will be getting the extras we made, while the best one will land in Bimmer's "First Year" scrapbook. It definitely gets me excited for more projects to come!

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Sooo super cute!!