Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby Outing

I had started this as a guest post to submit to a friend's "call for bloggers," but I ended up going with something else. So, figured I might as well not let it go to waste!
Puff and I are full-on, 100%, all the time. Or so it seems. Since we've been together, we have traveled the globe, hiked mountains, and hit up just about every fair and festival in the Southeast. So when Bimmer came along, we were hell-bent on not letting her "get in the way." Lots of people looked at us like we were crazy when we talked about our future plans to get out and see the world. "A baby changes everything!" Acquaintances were screaming from the rooftops.
We don't care for screaming.
We took Bimmer to the mall when she was 9 days old.
We've been rushing ever since. She was at her first restaurant when she was 3 weeks old. And in the months since then, she has been out to eat more times than we care to count, been shopping everwhere you can imagine (minus Walmart, we avoid Walmart) and she had even been to 7 states by the time she was 8 weeks old.
And those big public events? She's been to farmer's markets and art fairs. She's been to car shows and parades and pumpkin festivals. There was that meltdown at the South Carolina State Fair, but other than that... Bimmer's a trooper. I can't fathom being like these other families where I hear that they never go anywhere because they don't want to have to take the baby out.
So what do we do differently from all those naysayers that told us it couldn't be done?
Well... we didn't listen.
Sure, we have to adjust our game-plan sometimes. A bottle at home is easier than a bottle on the sidewalk hidden behind a funnel cake vendor. We try to not invite a bunch of people with us, just so we don't ruin anyone's fun if we have to duck out early. We pack lots of extra bottles and diapers and plan on beefing up our arms at some point during the day by carrying her when the stroller's novelty wears off.
Yet, we've done it. We are doing it. And we will keep doing it.
Bimmer doesn't hold us back or hinder our lifestyle. She adds to it. And she was the best addition we could ever imagine!

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The Fischer Family said...

Way to go! I am a big believer that you fit a baby into your life, you don't revolve your life around a baby! Bimmer will be a very go with the flow kid Bc she will have done it all her life! Enjoy your adventures!