Thursday, October 18, 2012

We're So International

As you surely just read a few entries back, Puff and I are all about some fall festivals. Yup... October in good ol' South Carolina is the prime time to be here!

So... on one recent warm Saturday, Puff and I headed to the Spartanburg International Festival.


I had first heard about the festival back in 2008, but somehow or another, Puff and the MIL ended up going without inviting me. Yeah, needless to say, I held that over Puff's head for, oh, the past 4 years. I was excited to go and check out the booths of countries and learn more about Latvia and Rwanda and Costa Rica. I imagined stocking up on travel brochures and planning future adventures.

Yeah... it didn't turn out that way. Two thumbs way down for this festival.

People were too concerned about getting their fake passports stamped that those of us who wanted to get real info, couldn't even bust past the crowd into the booths to see anything relevant. And those travel brochures I hoped to pick up? Nope. Not a one.

One bright thing? Reasonably priced food, which included a chocolate croissant.

But the brightest part? Bimmer decided she could sit up by herself for the longest length of time yet! At just 19 weeks and 2 days, she decided she wanted to do it on her own.

::sigh:: She's growing up too damn fast! Next thing you know, she's going to want to be getting a real passport and hop on an airplane! I wonder where she would get that from. ::insert wink::

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