Friday, October 19, 2012

Project 52 - Week 21

Bimmer continues her quest to grow up on us way too fast.

Too fast as in last Sunday night, she randomly got ahold of one of my fingers and chomped down on it (like she's been known to do before) and wowza... what was that? Um... yeah... it was a TOOTH.

By Tuesday morning, I was able to say... Make that TEETH.

Yes, my not-quite-five-month-old baby is now sitting on her own, eating cereal, and sprouting teeth. They are her bottom two center teeth and they are just popped through the gum enough that you can feel the sharpness. No more toothless grin for Bimmer. Not ever. Oh, that breaks a Mommy's heart!

She continues to chatter. (And chatter and chatter and squeal.) She's been doing great on outings, both in her stroller and Bjorn. It's about time to upgrade to the umbrella stroller. She rode in the seat of a shopping cart (or "buggy") for the first time too at Home Depot. I did bust out the cart cover, since I figured she was apt to lick everything, and she did great! It was a whole new perspective for our busy baby, and she loved it. She held on and we were even able to get an adorable photo of her in front of a mum display with a big ol' smile! (One of the last pre-teeth!)

Here's hoping this little one slows down here for awhile. She's been able to spin herself around on her stomach for a few weeks, but the other day, she actually managed to move herself a foot or two backward. We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not ready for her to be mobile!!! Certainly not at 5 months!

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