Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Will They Like Me?

I start my new job tomorrow.

I feel like I'm going into my first day of school. The mix of anxiousness and nervousness. The excitement combined with the fact that I am totally petrified of the unknown. Will they like me? Will I trip and make a fool out of myself? Will I know where to go? Ya know... there aren't little footprints on the sidewalk to guide me to the right place. And oh goodness, what will I wear?!? Should I have Puff take my picture before I leave in the morning? I can make a little sign on a chalkboard that says "First Day of Work."

I've tried not to focus very much on the fact that I will be leaving Bimmer. Although I am certain there will be some tears in the bathroom at some point this week at the office. The one good thing is that technology is so awesome, I have tons of photos and videos of her on my phone that I can watch during the day when I am missing her. OK, maybe not every time I miss her. Because then I would just be sitting at my desk watching videos of her dancing to "S&M" by Rihanna. (Did you see that on my Facebook page? She's singing along. It's so cute.)

Back in the spring, I posted THIS about the things I wanted to buy when I got my first paycheck. Seven months have passed since I wrote that. It has been nine months total since I last had to wake up early, shower, and put on dressy clothes and uncomfortable shoes and drive to a place of employment. I think the hardest thing will be that I won't be able to lay in bed with Bimmer in the mornings and watch her wake up. That's my favorite part of the day. The way she stretches and arches her back and rubs her face. Then the big smile she gives when she realizes I am next to her, watching. I will definitely be fighting Puff to keep her on the weekend mornings, that's for sure.

So... what will I buy now when I get a few paychecks under my belt? Well, besides the necessities like car payments, gas, groceries, and the nanny, of course.
(1) Partial funding of a top to bottom painting of all the trim and doors in the house.

(2) A Coach purse - It's time to quit buying cheap-ass embarassing handbags I have to replace every 6 months.

(3) Curtains for the living room - These burgandy/gold striped monstrosities are starting to drive me insane. And that's a cheaper and quicker fix than painting the adjacent dining room. That will happen (for sure) sometime in 2013 though!

I may be a little MIA for a few days on posting with getting settled into our new routine. Or if anyone wants to volunteer to write a guest post or two, let me know! Here's hoping that everything goes well and that Puff and I can begin to enjoy this new next phase in our life. It won't be easy or fun. But it is necessary. And ultimately I hope I can be proud that I am providing for my family.

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