Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pots & Pans

I am very grateful to have Craigslist. After moving/downsizing twice in the past 4 years and emptying a storage unit, it has been a blessing to have this available so I could recoup some of my money versus just donating perfectly good items. (Yes, I realize that makes me sound like a horrible person.) During my nesting phase, I needed to get rid of some old pots & pans that had been Puff's way before I was in the picture. We needed that shelf space to make room for formula and bottles.
After talking to Rach and doing some searching on Ebay, I realized they were worth well more than I thought. So, I popped them up online, asking $35 for the set. A few days later, I got an email from a lady who was very interested. Now... I always make Puff contact the person if they're not willing to deal with me via email. I don't like to just give out my phone number to any random person on the InterGoogle. I also will never invite them to pick up something from the house if I am here alone. Puff was frustrated with me about the whole ordeal, but did text the woman to see if she wanted to meet up. We made arrangements to meet her at 8pm at Whole Foods to make the swap.
Now, I typically would prefer them to come closer to our house, but she lives a good 35 to 40 minutes away, and Whole Foods isn't even 10 minutes from our house, so we agreed. It was worth it for $35 and to rid our house of clutter we can no longer use. She called us as we were about 3 minutes away to say she was in the parking lot, just to the left, in a white Nissan Murano. Puff and I pulled in to the crowded parking lot a few minutes later and couldn't find her. I finally made him call her back, which led to a hilarious conversation between the two of them.
Did I fail to mention she was Asian and had a very thick accent?
We kept driving around for several minutes and I kept asking him to confirm her location, which got me the shush-wave. If both of us were moving targets, we would never find each other. After what felt like a ridiculous amount of time had passed, I asked him one more time to confirm that she was at the Whole Foods on XYZ Road. Her answer? "Yes! Yes! I'm by the gas station side." Well, there is no gas station at Whole Foods. I asked him AGAIN to question her. "Yes! Yes! I'm at Costco Whole Foods on XYZ Road!"
Last time I checked, Costco and Whole Foods are two totally separate places. ::insert giant eyeroll::
Thankfully, Costco was just down the street, so we got there a few minutes later. The lady looked at the pots & pans and said she would take them. Except, before she would unzip her wallet, she wanted to tell Puff this long, intricate story. "I was sitting here waiting on you and I hear this lady, Help! Help!" She went on to elaborate that a woman's purse had been stolen from her and the getaway car was zooming through the parking lot and almost hit her Murano. She told us how she tried to get the license plate number, but couldn't remember it because they were driving so fast. And then she made sure to point out the police cars to Puff.
How did my husband react? After nodding through her long, barely intelligible ramble, he calmly said, "Now, what happened again?"
::insert me banging head against the dashboard::
I interrupted her before she could tell the entire story all over again and gave him the gist of the scenario. Thankfully, she took the hint and got out the $35 and handed it to Puff. I was about to have to start faking contractions to get out of there! On the whole, it was one of the better Craigslist swaps I've ever been involved with. Although, that time in Atlanta we watched two women go back and forth over a baker's rack in a gas station only to realize the car wasn't big enough to take it home was pretty entertaining to witness.

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