Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project 52 - Week 18

Despite the MIL's insistence, her hair isn't really red. Just photographs that way a little!
Bimmer had her 4 month well-baby visit with Doc Hottie this week. She weighs in at 16 lbs. 8 oz. and is 26 inches long! No wonder her (relatively) new hedgehog jammies unsnap almost every time she kicks. She's a tall girl! These figures put her in the 89% for weight and 96% for height. Puff is happy as long as her height is proportionate to her weight. He's so worried about her being chunky!
The best thing, however, is that she is happy and healthy. Doc Hottie says he thinks her blue eyes will stick. And we got the good news that she is not "wonky-jawed." Doc's terminology, not mine! Although her head is still a teeny bit flat in the back, he said it's not worth pursuing a consultation for a helmet. Mommy is sooooo insanely happy to hear that news! We also get to start rice cereal and stage 1 foods whenever we want. I'm sure there will be an update on how that goes! Here's hoping she likes real food as much as she likes taking her bottle!
I've mentioned before that Bimmer is a licker. She stuffs her whole hands in her mouth, but everything else just gets licked. But this week I've noticed a little wee bit of OCD in her licking patterns. Whenever she gets ahold of my hand now or Puff's, she will start with our pinky and lick it and then pull the hand back and look at it and then go to the next finger, until she has tested them all. She also does something similar when we read her books. She reads one page and licks it and then when we turn the page, she gets all excited and waves her arms. Then she plunges her face into the book to lick the page. Then she sits back up and goes to the next page before we turn it. It's pretty frickin' adorable.
Just like everything else she does. Am I biased or what?

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The Fischer Family said...

Haha! Steven was always worried about Bri being chunky too! Dad's are so funny! She is too freakin' cute!!!