Friday, August 17, 2012

Project 52 - Week 12

It looks like she's doing the hula!

I seriously could just sit at home and kiss that little Sugar Butt all day long!

Oh wait... I kinda do. And I am so happy that I am not working, because if I were, I would be going back to work on Monday. And that would suck some serious donkey balls. (Although it's about time to get serious about finding a job. Boo!)

Bimmer has decided recently that she wants to be a total sweetie when she wakes up after a nap. She just smiles and smiles and coos. And first thing in the morning, she always stretches with her whole body and rubs her hands in her face like life is just so rough. Oh, she is going to be a joy to wake up as a teenager. I can feel it already.
Bimmer is also starting to really interact with a few of her toys. Two in particular that she loves are the frog that hangs from her car seat and the stuffed pig that jingles that her Aunt Biner got her. She finally figured out how to grab the feet on the frog and pull it down the other day in the car. And she tries to pick up her pig when we put it in front of her and she knocks it around to make it jingle. I think the pig is her favorite. (Of course it's my least favorite animal! But Mr. Piggie is so cute, I'll let it slide!) Also, when she's in her car seat or stroller, she likes to have a blanket that she can grab with both hands. She pulls it up over her face and then back down again. She entertained herself at my doctor's appointment like that for over a half hour!
The coolest thing that happened this week was that Bimmer rolled over from her stomach to her back! Twice! She was pushing herself up on her stomach with her arms and was kinda leaning one direction and before I knew it, she was over on her back. The third time I got her on video, but she didn't make it over. I'm just so proud of my little one!
(Here's where I would have inserted the video, but the internet is acting goofy. Sorry!)

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