Tuesday, August 28, 2012

He's Such a Boy

A random exchange one weekend morning after Puff got out of the shower…


Me: What is this? (Pointing to something white on Puff’s stomach)

Puff: Um, probably boogers.

Me: Why do you have boogers in your belly button?

Puff: Because I wiped them on my towel.

Me: Why did you wipe boogers on your towel?

Puff: Don’t you get swimmer’s nose in the shower?

Me: Um, I wash my face off in the shower.

Puff: Well, mine starts to run when the water turns off. So it gets on the towel when I go like this. (Insert demo of wiping face)

On this particular occasion, it was merely lint. Not boogers.

Wow… I am so happy I had a little girl.

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