Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year in Review

Here's this year's recap of all the interesting (and non-interesting) adventures from 2011 in the lives of Gail & Puff.

January - Spent my 29th birthday cleaning Puff's vomit off my car door. And I decided I still hated boats, but that was the last time I'd ever have to hate them in person.

February - Traveled to Atlanta and Columbia to hang out with our very dear friends, followed by a day and a half of suffering from a gnarly stomach virus. We sure did become good friends with the porcelain throne in 2011.

March - Turned up the romance on a weekend getaway to a swanky spa in the mountains of North Carolina. Turned down the romance the next weekend when Puff's dad made the pilgrimage from the Great White North to remind him what spring feels like.

April - Tailgated in dresses and sportcoats at the Carolina Cup horse race. Repurposed that same tailgate dress a few weeks later for Easter with the MIL.

May - Celebrated one year of putting up with each other's crap with dinner at a steak restaurant, where a sweet couple bought our meal for us. Then we spent the rest of the month counting down to our big whirlwind anniversary trip (the most important part of an anniversary, right?) and jetted off to Copenhagen, Denmark, to gorge ourselves on pastries.

June - Continued to gorge ourselves on pastries, only this time it was in Stockholm, Sweden. (I think we skipped pastries in all those other countries in between!)

July - Spent a week combining visits to The Fort and the Great White North to see our respective families. I learned you could not pay me enough to live in Michigan. There is no price worth losing my sanity.

August - Puff treated me to a weekend at a swanky golf resort in Charlotte so I could sip pina coladas and lounge in their pool.

September - Puff's company sent him to Germany while I went to the shooting range for the first time. I basked in the sun at the pool overlooking the ocean in Folly Beach, SC, with the girls while learning I was finally PREGNANT!

October - I got to hang out with a rock star, sip daquiris on the street at 10am, experience a prison rodeo, and expose Puff to the wonders of tacky souvenir shops in Myrtle Beach.

November - Monumental morning sickness. Epic temper tantrum from the MIL. (Which I believe has become a running trend for Novembers in our lives, if you look back at last year's recap HERE) Super uncomfortable Thanksgiving weekend. Yup... still pretty much hate November.

December - Great "Hell Week" at work, except I never would've thought it would be my last. Got some devastating news, had to make a really hard decision, turned our lives upside down, and had to muddle through Christmas pretending like everything was fine and dandy. (Oops... haven't posted about that drama here yet? Saving that for after Puff's had a chance to fill in his family!) On the bright side, my family is totally full of rock stars who love me and Puff super much. They showered us with love, support, and baby gifts for Bimmer. We are so blessed to have them in our lives!

So... our NYE plans are non-existant. We're trying to save our pennies. And Bimmer kinda nixes the martini or rum-fueled evening I would normally enjoy. Plus, a pregnant woman's bedtime is somewhere around 8:30pm. That's a good excuse for not seeing the ball drop this year. What was my excuse for all those years from 2003 until now???

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